Label Design Ideas

Label Design Ideas Looking for design ideas for your labels or stickers?  You've come to the right place!  Just click on the category you are interested in to view some sample labels and stickers that we've created int he past. Planet Label provides either blank inkjet and laser printable labels or custom printed labels and stickers done to your liking.  If you see an image or layout that you like, please mention it while placing your order and we'll customize it for your label design.

When browsing our custom stickers and labels please keep in mind that Planet Label stocks over 20 unique label materials from recycled papers, to brown kraft, to holographic paper and films!   If you have questions regarding your label design or need ideas, feel free to contact a Planetlabel.com Customer Service Representative at 866-252-1520 for help. 


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Our current website construction does not allow you to attach images or "draw" your label design online, but this does not mean that we cannot do this for you. While we are not a design firm, PlanetLabel.com can redraw most images into the format that we need, usually at no extra charge. We also have plenty of ideas on how to spruce up your label. Simple things like adding a border, reversing out the text, curving text and adding images are great way to make your label more noticeable.

Most of the label examples on the sample pages were designed for customers wanting preprinted labels that would be shipped to them completed and ready to use. The same principles can be applied to our blank laser and inkjet sheet stock. Feel free to download one of our label templates and start designing your labels even prior to ordering the labels. Our PDF's can be printed off to scale, so you can use these to cut out a sample label to see how it fits on your products. Use the Word template or the pdf template in a graphic arts program to create the label design. Always test print the layout on a piece of paper with the non-scaled pdf printed on it to check for layout accuracy.

Preprinted roll labels with 1 to Full Color printing.