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Fluorescent Colored 4 Diameter Circle

These fluorescent colored circle labels have a unique color that allows for excellent ink contrast when printed. All colors use a permanent adhesive and are compatible with both inkjet printers and laser printers.

Product #: LT6080-4F
Adhesive: Permanent
Material: Fluorescent
Printer: inkjet-laser
Size: 4

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  1. White Uncoated 4 Diameter Circle - Blockout
    Product #: LT6080-4BP
    These circles are guaranteed to run smoothly through inkjet desktop & high speed laser printers. We utilize a premium face stock that provides a striking foundation for a clearer sharper image. These bright white labels are constructed using a permanent adhesive that is tinted a dark color allowing the labels to be placed on top of a printed surface without that print showing through.
  2. White Uncoated Labels - 4 Diameter Circle
    Product #: LT6080-4C
    These circle labels are guaranteed to run smoothly through desktop and high speed laser printers, inkjet printers and copy machines. We utilize a premium face stock that provides a striking foundation for a clearer, sharper image. To complete the perfect sheet, we use our "no ooze" adhesive that is also formulated to hold better than other brands. This size is compatible with the Avery® template # shown.
  3. White Photo Gloss Labels - 4 Diameter Circle
    Product #: LT6080-4CJHG
    Archival quality acid-free photo labels for use through Inkjet, Laser and Color Laser Printers! These photo gloss sheets have a total thickness of 7 mils with a brightness rating of 92 and are backed with permanent adhesive. They feature a resin based coating that locks in inks immediately & are extremely smudge proof even when moisture is present. For best performance select a paper mode setting equivalent to Photo Paper or higher.
  4. White w/ Removable Adhesive 4 Diameter Circle
    Product #: LT6080-4UR
    These laser and inkjet compatible labels are made with white uncoated face stock that has a brightness level of 94 with an overall thickness of 6.7 mils. What makes these labels unique is that they have been manufactured with a special removable adhesive that allows them to be applied removed cleanly and reapplied on most surfaces. Use these for any application that you do not wish the label to adhere to permanently to. This size is compatible with the Avery template # shown.
  5. Roll Label Stock 4 Diameter Circle
    Product #: PL0208
    Our Roll Labels are prepriced for one color printing with many different face stock colors to choose from. Labels are prepriced for printing using one of our standard ink colors (additional charges for multiple ink colors). We can print your label just about any way that you desire including using your company logo or artwork. Please call toll free 866-252-1520 for a quote or explanation of services available. Labels are estimated to ship 3 business days after digital proof approval.
  6. Weatherproof Label 4 Circle Static Cling
    Product #: PL0290
    Static cling labels adhere to glass surfaces through static electricity allowing the labels to placed securely on a surface and then removed easily without leaving any adhesive residue behind. Our cling labels come in both white and clear. We can print on either side allowing you to view the image from the inside looking out or outside looking in. They are perfect for use on the inside of your car or an office window. All these stickers are pre-priced for 1 color printing but we can use as many colors as you need. If more colors are desired additional charges will apply. The labels are shipped in roll form.
  7. Weatherproof Label 4 Diameter Circle
    Product #: PL0351
    These preprinted labels are available in a 4 mil white or yellow vinyl, 2 mil clear polypropylene and 2 mil silver or gold mylar. All our weatherproof labels are laminated, increasing sun & water resistance. These labels have an estimated outdoor durability of 1 1/2 years with a temperature range of -40 to 300F. Our weatherproof labels are prepriced for one color printing. For additional ink colors please call for pricing. These custom labels are estimated to ship within 3 business days.