Custom Stickers

Everywhere that you go you are almost guaranteed that you will find a sticker marking something you would like to buy or stickers advertising things. You can even find stickers on the back of cars and some people like to decorate their personal items with some funky stickers. Kids and teens love to put stickers on their things to show that it belongs to them and also to decorate them. Today, with the power of the internet and computers in virtually every home, it has become possible for anyone to make custom stickers. What's great about designing these stickers is that there is no limit to your own creativity. If you would like to start designing your own custom stickers, here are a few design aspects to consider.

When you start the design of custom stickers, consider where you will be using the stickers. For personal stickers you can design your stickers to your own personal tastes while stickers for products that you sell need to describe your business or product. Remember that stickers should grab the attention of others, especially if they are there to market a product. Start by deciding on colors for your stickers that will attract attention. After that you can look for or design some graphics that will be used for the stickers. If you are using graphics you find online, be sure that there are no copyrights or royalties that will need to be paid for the stickers. You can then decide on the texture of the sticker's, i.e., if you would like glossy, matte or clear stickers. Other design aspects to keep in mind when designing custom stickers are the fonts for the writing, as well as the size and the shape of the label or sticker you require.

If you are designing custom stickers for commercial use it is important to remember that it is always really beneficial to provide your contact details or the contact particulars of your business on the labels. Once you have finished designing the labels you will need to find professional label printers that will be able to print the labels in the correct sizes for you. One of the best label printing companies is Planet Labels. They will be able to print your custom stickers for you and are also able to provide you with blank labels that are suited for inkjet as well as laser printing.

No matter what type of labels you require, Planet Labels will be able to help you out. They can help you with the printing of your custom stickers for bottles, jars, boxes or any other type of sticker or label. Simply visit their website and choose the size and shape of the labels you need if you are printing them yourself, or get a quote from them to print your custom stickers for you. Regardless of the size of the order, they charge a flat shipping rate and if they print your color labels for you, they offer free UPS ground shipping.