Glossy Labels

glossy labels are a great way to mark things around your home or office. For instance, you can use them to mark boxes that you are putting into storage or moving. You can also mark any containers around the house, and at work you can use glossy labels to mark files and boxes. Designing your own labels with the help of your computer can be very easy as long as you know where to begin, and with a few helpful guidelines you will soon be marking all unmarked items around your house or office with these great labels. When designing your labels, remember that there are no design limits and you can choose to create more professional labels or fun, colorful labels to mark containers for kids.

When designing glossy labels, try to design the label with a nice, bold color that will catch your eye and will be easy to spot. You can also use graphics to catch your attention or to illustrate what the label is marking. You will be able to find some great graphics online, but remember to check the copyright on the graphic before using them. Remember to design your label so that it will be readable. It is suggested that you use a plain, large, bold font that is easy to read. You will also have to decide on the color of the glossy labels, and there are even clear labels that will make it seem that the information is printed straight on the container. The last two things you will need to consider when designing your labels are the size as well as the shape of the label. The label should be large enough to read but not too big for the container and the shape should also be considered accordingly.

While you will be able to design glossy labels on your computer, you will not be able to just print them on normal paper. There are places that you can buy sticky paper in matte and gloss finishes; however, these come in 4 sheets and you will have to cut them into the labels yourself. For this reason, it is suggested that you get all your labels from a label manufacturer, like Planet Label, which has glossy labels ready for laser as well as inkjet printing.

Planet Label is your one-stop shop for all your label needs. They have labels for virtually any container, from bottles to jars and boxes. At planet label you will be able to specify the size of the labels that you can then print. You also have the option of designing your glossy labels and then having them printed for you. Planet Label will ship your labels to you and they charge a flat rate of $9 on shipping, regardless of the size of the order. Customers who print custom color labels can enjoy free UPS ground shipping.