How To Update Your Billing Address During Checkout

If you are having trouble changing your billing address during our checkout process, please review the steps below:

Please note: In our system, the first address you create is set as your 'default' billing address within your account. Going forward, any other addresses you create in your account can only be used for shipping address selection. The only way to change your billing address is to update your default address within your account.

( 1 )

During the checkout process, you will go through 2 steps - shipping address selection, and confirmation and payment. After you've selected or entered your shipping address, you will come to the Confirmation page. At the top, you will be able to review both your billing and shipping address.

( 2 )

To change your billing address, click the 'Edit' button below the Billing Address.

( 3 )

It will take you to a different webpage with a form of your current billing address information. Update what you would like within the form. When finished, click the 'Save' button.

( 4 )

You will then be taken back to the first step of the checkout process - the Shipping Address selection. You will see that your billing address has been updated. If your previous shipping selection is good, just click 'Continue'.

( 5 )

Now that you are back at the checkout confirmation page, you can verify your billing address was updated correctly.