White Ink Printing / Setup

White Ink Printing / Setup

We offer white ink printing on a variety of substrates, including metallic, clear, kraft and compostable paper. White ink can be printed as the solitary color in the design, or it could be combined with full-color printing, with white as a fifth color in the CMYK process. Our white ink is semi-opaque so results vary depending on the paper stock.

White ink is most commonly applied as a base layer on metallic, clear, and kraft stocks. In these applications, white ink is printed first followed by cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks on top. In these instances, the white ink is used to block out the color of the paper or other substrate providing a white background or base. On clear substrates, white is printed under the entire design except for where the window is indicated, thus providing a way to showcase the product inside of the package. On metallic substrates, white ink is printed to block out the areas of your design that you do not want to appear as metallic.

It is best to create a separate white ink layer on top of all of the other layers in your file. A good color to use to indicate the white is Magenta or another color that stands apart from the rest of the design. It is also helpful to name the color swatch ‘White’.

If you are unable to setup your file for white ink printing, we do have a prepress team that can set it up for you but if your design requires an extensive white layer setup, additional charges may apply.

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