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Custom Label Artwork Resources for Business Stakeholders

Find a designer.

What makes Planet Label different, is that we really care. You’re not just another customer; it’s not just another label. You're trying to tell a story and we want to help it come to life. No matter if this is your first time through the process, or if you’ve done this a time or two, we're here for you.


If you have ready access to a print designer, you're one step ahead of the game. Send them to our artwork resources page specifically for designers, and they'll find all the specs, FAQs and other resources they need to get started.


We’ve gotten to work with a lot of talented designers over many amazing projects, and, while we’re not directly associated or affiliated with any designers, we can help you get connected with someone great. Visit our parent company, Roastar, to find a designer that can help you today!

Artwork prep resources for your designer

We love working with designers and have compiled a sizeable toolkit to help your designer create, configure, and submit your custom label artwork with a minimum of fuss. Here are just some of our designer resources:

Artwork Specifications

Covering topics from accepted file types to image resolution, color conversions to crop marks, this is your designer's place to get the details for setting your label artwork up for success. View our artwork setup guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

While your designer might come up with a truly unique question, it's likely we’ve covered at least some of their topics of concern with other designers before. And, if our FAQs don't answer their questions, we're only a chat, phone call of email away. View our artwork faqs.